Audi A9 Concept

It’s just a concept, but what you’re looking at could be the A8 luxury sports sedan of the future.
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The car would be positioned against models such as Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera and Lamborghini’s Estoque, if they ever decide to compete in that space.

Talented designer of the A9 Concept, Daniel Garcia says, “The styling of the A9 concept was partially by the stunning architectural style of Santiago Calatrava’s buildings in “La Ciudad de Las Artes y de las Ciences” (The City of Arts and Sciences) in my hometown of Valencia”

Anyone who has been to Spain and seen the ultra futuristic City of Arts and Sciences will understand exactly where Daniel is coming from in respect to the flowing lines of the vehicle. Calatrava’s buildings look like something out of a Jules Verne novel and 100 years into the future.

The body panels are part of an ‘electronic painting’ system, which allows the driver to change the exterior colour of the car at a touch of a button.

Both the windscreen and roof are integrated into one piece, which is formed from a material featuring a self-repairing system as well as being light sensitive and adjustable.

Powering the A9 is likely to be a hybrid set-up using a petrol engine with four in-wheel electric motors providing substantial power and torque.

We will keep you posted on other designs from Daniel Garcia, as they are quite impressive.