Subaru Libery Outbook 2007 MY07 SI-Drive

Subaru today confirmed that premium versions of its Model Year 2007 Liberty and Outback will feature the little known Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) system. Subaru says that the SI-Drive offers the option of three different drive experiences in the car.
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The modes are easily selected using a centre console dial (pictured), or steering wheel controls. For those wanting to achieve optimum fuel consumption and ride comfort in stop-start traffic around town, or cruising on the freeway, Intelligent mode is activated by simply pressing the button. By accelerating gently and noting an Eco gauge on the instrument cluster, Subaru claims that drivers can achieve maximum economy.

Sport mode is activated by turning the button left. It is ideal for everyday flowing traffic, including on urban roads. Sport # mode is activated by turning the button right. It is aimed at producing great car response for enthusiastic drivers on open roads. In other words, when you just need to go... really fast.

Nick Senior, Managing Director, Subaru Australia, said:

SI-Drive is a simple, easy to use system that produces distinct driver benefits. There are visual cues in each mode that help the driver attune to the individual mode. As the name suggests, if Subaru Intelligent Drive is used intelligently, and the driver interacts with the attributes of each mode, it produces a fantastically satisfying drive.

Model Year Subary Liberty and Outback MY07 will be launched in the first week of September 2006.