Woman gives birth while driving to the hospital

Chevrolet has provided a family from Minnesota a one year supply of diapers after a local woman gave birth to her son while driving to the hospital in her 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt.
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The Bemidji Pioneer reported that 29-year-old Amanda McBride left work early after feeling uncomfortable and was driving to the North County Regional Hospital the baby arrived.

Her partner, Joseph Phillips, was in the passenger seat but could not drive because he suffers seizures.

Ms McBride yelled at Mr Phillips to take the wheel when her water broke. After the baby “just slid out” as Ms McBride sat in the driver’s seat, Mr Phillips continued to steer the Cobalt to the hospital car park.

Mr Phillips did suggest calling 911 but Ms McBride said they could finish the drive in less time than it would take an ambulance to get there. Both mother and father were very grateful that there were no complications with the birth and both Ms McBride and eight-pound Joseph Dominick Phillips were in good health.

Chevrolet clearly found the story too good to stay out of, and along with the diapers has provided the family with two child safety seats, a pram and other supplies including bottles, formula and toys.

Chevrolet product marketing director, small cars and crossovers, Margaret Brooks, said the story of the newest edition to the Chevy family was simply amazing.

“We knew the Cobalt was designed to deliver its occupants safely, but never did we expect a delivery quite like this,” she said.“From everyone at Chevrolet, we’d like to congratulate Amanda and Joseph on the newest addition to their family. Unfortunately there is no section in the Cobalt driver’s manual on ‘How to Change a Diaper’, but we’re sure they’ll do just fine.”