The US National Highway Traffic Administration recently released a report potentially linking 89 deaths to Toyota Cars.
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The investigation found 71 fatal collisions since 2000 could be linked to uncontrolled acceleration in Toyota vehicles, a massive claim by the US authority.

These reports have also found a record 6,200 complaints regarding unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles, at least a 100 of which were made by owners of previously recalled and repaired cars.

According to Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. President James Lentz the company is yet to find any electrical faults having examined more than 2,000 problem vehicles.

Nonetheless in a precautionary measure Toyota is now fitting a new advanced brake over-ride system to all new models. This new safety system will allow the vehicle to slow down if both brake and accelerator pedals are pressed at once. The system will be fitted to all 2011 models as well as seven current models.

Interestingly there has been a sharp incline in the number of complaints made in the last month pertaining to this defect. With more than 2,600 new complaints surfacing, one has to wonder if they are all really genuine?

Take a look at the videos below to see the classic case involving James Sikes in his ‘Runaway Prius’. It's partially Mr Sikes case that may now be casting doubt over other claims made by Toyota owners.