VACC centenary cavalcade showcases rare cars: A podcast special

We talk to owners of an NSX, DBS Vantage, Leyland Force 7, HSV GTO, and more!
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The VACC celebrated 100-years last weekend with a centenary cavalcade, believed to have been the first in the world. One car from each year from the past 100 years convoyed 124 kilometres from Calder Park Raceway to Bendigo, the town where the automotive association was founded.

We caught up with various car owners to learn more about their special car, and spoke to Australian entertainer and car tragic, Shane Jacobson.

Listen to the podcast special below.

Sigi Zidziunas - 1969 Aston Martin DBS Vantage

"I bought it in 1978, and it was advertised in the paper, and it said, 'ex-movie car', and I didn't believe it. I joined the Aston Martin Owners Club, and up came all the documentation to say it was."

James Moody - 1989 Peugeot 205 GTI

"They were the road version to the T16 rally car. It's a 2.0-litre with about 98kW of power, and it's got a good power-to-weight ratio as it weighs 825 kilograms."

Gary Collis - 1939 Hanomag KDF Beetle prototype

"This is the only one in the world, and was a prototype which I would say is a more luxury version of the Beetle because it's larger. It perhaps would've been a Volkswagen for the middle class."

Shane Jacobson

"This one time at Hamilton Island in between the Top Gear stage shows, I used to hide in driveways and I could hear Jeremy Clarkson and James May coming in their golf carts, and I used to t-bone them!"

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