Maybach has always focussed on rear-seat luxury across its model line-up, even going so far as to release a convertible version which keeps the chauffeur’s compartment closed.
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Now German-based engineering firm, Xenatec, has announced plans to develop a coupe version of the Maybach to rival models such as the Bentley Brooklands and Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe with full support from Daimler.

The task is far more than a cut-and-shut affair, with the Maybach Coupe set to receive a bespoke chassis adapted from a donor Maybach 57S supplied by Daimler.

Surprisingly, despite sporting just two doors the Maybach Coupe will retain the sedans 5.73 metre length - making it among one of the longest coupes in the world.

The trademark Maybach styling has been adapted to suit with a more steeply angled windscreen; B-pillars set further back in the car to match the longer doors, and a more rakish C-pillar design to produce a coupe-like silhouette.

The Maybach Coupe will use the same twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre V12 engine found in the Maybach 57S which produces peak power of 456kW.

A limited run of 100 units will be built, each attracting a price tag upwards of 650,000 Euros or just shy of A$1 million.

Source: Autonews