Skoda is a brand on the rise and rise

Make no mistake “Made in the Czech Republic” is something of a quality tag these days, especially when it comes to carmakers.
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Skoda is the brand I’m taking about, and anyone who thinks otherwise about the build quality and reliability of their cars, probably doesn’t know that the Volkswagen Group owns them, either.

I distinctly remember speaking with one very serious chief technician from Skoda at their first re-launch in Australia, and he was quick to point out that each and every Skoda worker rises from his or her bed each day, with the sole intention of building a better car that any of their German co-workers.

With a powerful 'word of mouth' marketing campaign in constant play by almost every current Skoda driver on the planet, it’s no wonder that Skoda sales are on the up, in each and every country they operate in.

In only the first four months this year, sales grew to an impressive 242,078 units, an increase of 18.6 percent over the same period last year.

As per the United States, most economies in Europe are still doing it tough, but Skoda is bucking the trend with April sales hitting 63,177 cars alone.

But the big sales are in China, where April sales topped 12,108 vehicles, or a whopping 31.4 percent increase on April 2009.

Even the financially starved Eastern Europe bought 7.7 percent more Skoda cars than in 2009, and in the more affluent Western Europe, sales were up by a healthy 38 percent on the previous year.

It’s the same story on their home soil, where 5,604 cars were delivered in April this year, which equates to a 24 percent increase on 2009 numbers in the Czech Republic.

The biggest selling Skoda model was the Octavia, followed by the Fabia and Superb.

The fastest selling Skoda was the Octavia Combi Tour with 754 sales in April, against 185 last year.

There is absolutely no question that Skoda is a premium carmaker who represents unbeatable value for money in the said category, and its my opinion that the brand will continue to attract more and more customers.