Turbo petrol engine from Mazda 6 and CX-9 all but confirmed for mid-sized SUV.
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A Mazda CX-5 2.5T is all but confirmed for some markets overseas already, and a new entry on an Australian government database suggests we could see such a model in local showrooms very soon.

Some keen-eyed CarAdvice readers noticed a new filing from Mazda Australia, detailing a five-strong engine variant line-up – four carryover, one new. (Editor's note: more often than not, an appearance in the Australian government website is a shoo-in for market launch.)

The 2.0-litre petrol with front-wheel drive (manual and auto), 2.5-litre petrol with all-wheel drive (auto only), and 2.2-litre twin-turbo diesel with all-wheel drive (auto only) are all familiar, however, a 170kW 2.5-litre turbo petrol with all-wheel drive is not currently offered.

It all but confirms Mazda's plans to introduce a new engine variant to the local CX-5 line-up as part of an anticipated 2019 model-year update, in the form of the 170kW/420Nm 2.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine already found in the larger CX-9 and the Mazda 6 mid-sizer.

Such a powertrain would put the top-seller in direct contention with performance leaders in the medium SUV segment, including the 188kW/353Nm Holden Equinox, the 178kW/345Nm Ford Escape, and the 162kW/350Nm Volkswagen Tiguan. Subaru's previous-generation Forester also offered a 177kW/350Nm turbo petrol option, but that has been dropped from the all-new 2019 range.

Going by the database, it appears the turbo petrol CX-5 will only be offered with an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, likely reserving it for the upper end of the range. This, of course, is in keeping with the strategies of Mazda and most other brands.

If the recently-updated Mazda 6 is anything to go by, the top two trim levels will get the turbocharged powerplant as standard – in the case of the CX-5 those grades are named GT and Akera.

This comes after a Californian document filing in June seemingly confirming a turbo petrol CX-5 for the 2019 model year in North America, though the company is yet to make an official announcement in that region either.

We've reached out to Mazda Australia for further comments, and are awaiting a response.

Cheers to Jordan and Ahmet for the tip!

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