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Toyota 86 GR teased

Will the hotter, motorsport-inspired 86 pack more power?
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Toyota Spain has teased the upcoming GT86 by Gazoo Racing, just days after a trademark filing alerted the world to its existence.

Captioned with "it's all a matter of passion for speed", there are no details about what upgrades will be made to the existing 86 package.

Although the 'passion for speed' would suggest more power is in the works, Toyota has been staunch in its belief there's no space for a turbo or supercharger under the 86's bonnet – any power boost would likely be incremental, unfortunately.

The other possibility is hybrid power, previewed by the GR HV concept. That car had an interesting H-pattern manual shifter that, with the push of a button, could turn into an automatic. With a battery down back, a petrol engine up front and power to the rear wheels, it's a far more modern take on the sports car formula.

It also seems less likely than a mild mechanical massage, given the cost required to make something so complex happen.

We'd suggest the changes are more likely to focus on the chassis. Expect stiffer suspension and potentially lighter wheels, while additional bracing under the bonnet and body also seems a possibility.

Now entering the final phase of its lifespan, the Gazoo Racing special could serve as a special send-off for the rear-drive, two-door collaboration with Subaru.