2019 Toyota Supra to offer 'drift mode'

Get ready to enjoy some smokey, sideways action in the new Supra.
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As part of the 2019 Supra's development, Toyota wanted to ensure it could meet the demands of its users. Those demands include powerslides and donuts...

Speaking to journalists at the global first drive of the all-new Toyota Supra, Supra 'master driver' (and person with cool job title), Herwig Daenens, told media the car's stability control would make it easy to do the aforementioned powerslides and donuts. Mmm.

"There is a drift mode available and you can also drive the vehicle with all systems off. It's called track mode," Daenens said.

"It is a combination of settings that you configure and unlock this mode. There is a normal mode and you combine it with ESC on and off. With a short push it's traction off, which allows you to have more slip angle. It activates later," he elaborated.


While the Toyota team wouldn't elaborate on the exact drift angle available in this mode, it's understood that the design enables the driver to get fairly sideways without stability control intervention.

Speaking with some of the professional drivers during the launch program, it's evident they were all quite happy with how progressive and eager the vehicle is to get sideways.

Given the sub five second 0-100km/h sprint time, it's also likely that the gearbox will come with an inbuilt launch control function – although it wasn't confirmed by the Toyota team.