Skoda announces new three, five-year service plans

'Comparative data sourced from manufacturer websites busts the myth that all European cars are more expensive to maintain than those from Korea or Japan' - Michael Irmer, Skoda Australia MD
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Skoda has announced new service plans across its range, available in three- or five-year packages designed to convince buyers Euro ownership needn't be a wallet-busting experience.

The plans vary in price from model-to-model, but all include consumables like brake fluid and pollen filters, along with scheduled service costs.

“There is more to value than recommended retail pricing. In Australia, Skoda customers prefer higher specification variants and we have sought to make optioning up more accessible with value priced equipment packages," said Michael Irmer, Skoda Australia managing director.

“The value equation clearly extends to the after sale aspect of the Skoda ownership experience.”

The new service plans are outlined below:


Things are looking up for the Skoda brand in Australia. It's snuck into the top 20 on the sales charts for the past two months despite battling persistent supply issues, outselling Lexus in August.

Having toppled its sales record in 2017, the brand is this year expected to top 6000 sales for the first time in its history Down Under. The seven-seat Kodiaq is up more than 200 per cent year-to-date, while the smaller Karoq has added 190 sales so far in 2018.

Only the Superb, competing in the unfashionable large car class, is down year-to-date.