'Reliable sources' hint at Agera successor's name and powertrain.
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Koenigsegg's upcoming replacement for the wild Agera RS could have over 1070kW and be named after Norse mythology's doomsday, according to a new report.

TheSupercarBlog claims "a reliable source" has indicated the new model is likely to be named Ragnarok – a major event where the cosmos is destroyed along with the gods and goddesses, according to Norse mythology.

While the publication jokes that Christian von Koenigsegg is a big fan of Marvel's Avengers and Thor movie franchises, a 1440hp (1074kW) twin-turbo V8 hypercar would be more than capable of Earth-shattering performance, should the rumours be true.

However, the company's current nomenclature involves names ending in 'era', including the Agera ('to act' in Swedish) and Regera ('to reign' or 'to rule').

Obviously in the past there's been the CCR, CCX, and One:1, so it's not like that naming structure is set in stone.

The new Koenigsegg, named Ragnarok or not, has already been confirmed for reveal at next year's Geneva motor show in March, and previewed with a shadowy designer sketch (top).

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