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Volvo expands on 360c teaser

Coming soon: our vision for the future of travel - Volvo
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Volvo Car has continued the mysterious tease of the 360c, which now appears to be an autonomous concept car of some kind.

Details about the Swedish show car are still hard to come by, but the futuristic lines and (what appear to be) sensors on show in the teaser would suggest self-driving or semi-autonomous systems will feature heavily.

"Coming soon: our vision for the future of travel," the teaser reads. "Could time spent travelling become time well spent?"

Slimline LED lighting also plays a significant role in the car, with a minimalist take on the Scandinavian-chic design language of the current Volvo range appearing likely. Thor's hammer still features, along with a new take on the light signature from current XC-badged vehicles.

This video follows a single sound byte released last week, along with a similarly cryptic caption – and the following response, when asked whether it was an electric car:

"Volvo Cars electric cars are exciting, but we're looking even further ahead in the future. What do you think will be the next big thing?”

There's no word on when the 360c, whatever it might be, will be released. The next major motor show is Paris in September, making the 'city of love' a likely launchpad for Volvo's vision of the future.