Plus: Entry-level supercars go head-to-head in this week's poll.
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Toyota's edgy C-HR crossover has beaten the Hyundai Kona by the barest of margins in our latest poll, winning 50.3 per cent of the 1200 votes recorded. If this was politics, the Hyundai would be demanding a re-count...

Both the C-HR and Kona are fighting in the same segment, with angular styling and plenty of bright colours available to help style-focused buyers stand out. The recently-updated Kona is available with 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated or 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engines, while the C-HR comes with a 1.2-litre turbo and CVT.


Audi R8 RWS or McLaren 540C? In the world of supercars, they're affordable, entry-level vehicles.

We've done our comparison, but which would you take?

Facebook is doing silly things with its embedded media, as the poll options are no longer appearing above. For now, if you'd like to vote, head to our Facebook post. Otherwise, stay tuned for the results next week.