A 47 year old woman trying to save her car sinking in rise waters in a retention pond has drowned.
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Cassandra Bryant, of North Harris County in Houston, was southbound on the North Freeway service road around 10 p.m. when rising waters forced the car into the pond.

A bystander urging Bryant at the scene to exit the vehicle, watched in dismay as Bryant tried profusely to save her sinking green Chevrolet Cavalier.

Houston Police’s Jodi Silva says the accident occured due to heavy downpours drenching western Houston, leaving nearly four to five inches of rain in some parts.

She backed up to avoid the flooded road and backed up over the curb on the west side of the street onto private property, which was also flooded,” Silva said.

Bryant died at the scene. Who says we don't love our cars?

Source: Houston Chronicle