Toyota's safety recall crisis has allowed Honda to be crowned as the U.S. champion of customer loyalty.
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A survey of 1,704 car buyers conducted in April by U.S. based Consumer Reports has concluded that 57 percent of all Toyota owners in the United States would still "most likely" buy another new vehicle from the Big T. The figure has come down from 70 percent from a similar research conducted last December.

The news is not comforting to Toyota in the United States as it works extensively on winning back customers and keeping market share through costly sales incentives.

Nonetheless Toyota's misfortunes has meant some positive results for rival Honda which was crowned the number one in owner loyalty in the same survey. 68 percent of all Honda owners in the United States said they will buy another Honda.

Toyota USA's reputation has been battered over the last few months with extensive negative media coverage in North America. However given the lack of issues with Toyota vehicles down under it seems to have had no real affect here, with Toyota Australia showing sales stronger than ever.

Source: Reuters