Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas

There are not that many car models that have their own yearly event but the Volkswagen Golf GTI is one such car. Every year a large group of Golf GTI enthusiasts rock up to Wörthersee, Austria to celebrate the existence of the model and as such Volkswagen presents something special to its fans.
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This year the German manufacturer has teamed up with Adidas to showcase a special limited edition Golf GTI Adidas.

The changes are not major but enough to warrant some interest. From the outside there is are Adidas badges and a set of new 10-spoke alloy wheels.

Moving to the interior Volkswagen has made use of Adidas' triple stripe subtly throughout the car. The DSG variants also gain a golf ball textured shift knob.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas edition is only available as a three-door and so far there is no confirmation as to the car's availability in Australia.

In addition to the Adidas Golf, Volkswagen also released the GTI Excessive which will remain a concept. The excessive features numerous changes the exterior and wheels.

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