Owner Reviews: Best of July 2018

Congratulations to Ian, Kosta and Chris. Keep an eye out for your $50 fuel vouchers!
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We love Owner Reviews at CarAdvice. After all, the people who slapped down their hard-earned money on a car are, arguably, best qualified to tell the world what they’re like!

Here are our five favourites from February, along with the story that inspired the most comments. Want to see your review featured here? Submit a review using the link on our home page!

Ian, 2018 Citroen C3 Shine

As for styling, the C3 is a stunning little car to look at, both inside and out. They say a picture says a thousand words, but I don’t think that a photo is enough to convey how special the C3 looks in person when compared to its competitors, or even those sold by higher-priced marques. Ostentatious? Perhaps, but the overall aesthetic is coherent, never feeling over-the-top or contrived like the similarly stylish Mini Cooper.

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Kosta, 2017 Holden Astra RS-V

My love for the Astra dates back to the TS running in production from 1998–2005. Although reliability was horrid, the build quality was second to none. It felt and looked solid from top to bottom. Fast-forward nearly two decades and we arrive at the BK Astra. Having driven the entry-level Astra in R guise in 2017, I was immediately impressed.

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Chris, 1983 Mitsubishi Starion

“What is that stupid-looking thing?!” I asked. The year was 2002. I was a student who needed a reliable car for the long daily commute to university. I had recently received an insurance payout for my previous car (a solid 1982 Toyota Celica) and was trawling the car yards with my dad looking for something a bit more low maintenance and economical.

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Soichiro Pete, 2012 Volkswagen Up!

Why an Up!? Well, a house purchase and renovation necessitated a cheap commuter. I was initially intent on a 500 or Panda with the emotive Twinair engine, but I couldn’t go past the Up! at the prices they were being offered. And yes, I will use the exclamation mark if I want to, if only to make our Pro_cee’d GT feel better about its automotive punctuation. (Maybe it’s something to do with Slovakian-produced cars?)

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Ranil Illeshinge, 2017 Subaru BRZ

Let’s address the most contentious issue around the 86/BRZ first. Is it just a show pony? Modern-day iteration of the hairdresser’s Celica? Does it need more power? In my humble opinion, the amount of power that it makes is fine. In fact, I like that it doesn’t make more power because it allows me to drive it enthusiastically within the confines of the law.

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Ben, 2018 Kia Stinger GT

I’d like to start by saying I’m a 20-year-old Kiwi and an ex-Holden revhead, so converting me from a brand that I absolutely loved and had huge amount of passion for was going to take a special sort of car.

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