We spec our dream V12-powered Bull, and then cry about the fact we can't afford one.
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Customisation is in vogue at the moment, but choice can be seriously confusing. In our configurator challenge, we let the CarAdvice team loose on a manufacturer’s website to create their ideal spec of a certain model.

For this edition of the Configurator Challenge, we’re designing our perfect Lamborghini Aventador S.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and which cars you’d like to see next!

Rob Margeit, Culture & Lifestyle Editor

If you're gonna buy a Lambo, make a statement. That's why my Aventador S is finished in Matte Giallo Horus paint with Dianthus Forged 21-inch alloys in shiny black with a black centre bolt. And some contrasting red brake callipers.

There's lots of carbon fibre. If there was an option with carbon fibre, I ticked that box. Because carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is cool.

Inside, I've opted for the impractical and garish black and white (Nero et Bianco) leather trim with a suede covered steering wheel. There are more carbon fibre accents inside while I ticked the embroidered logo option just as a reminder that this is a Lambo.

Kez Casey, Road Tester

My childhood fascination with Lamborghini began in the late 1980s staring longingly at impossibly low and wide Countaches and thinking ‘now that’s the future!’ despite the car approaching its 15th birthday at the time.

Of course a standard Countach impressed, but the later, wedgier, more wildly flared S versions really grabbed my attention. While an Aventador S may not be as wild a step up stylistically there’s no doubting how much street appeal Lamborghini’s V12 flagship has.

For my own it has to be the Aventador S Roadster, and as the bodywork is aggressive enough on its own solid paint will do just fine – albeit in a very ‘welcome to Miami’ shade of Blu Glauco, over Matt Titanium ‘Dione’ alloy wheels.

Once again carbon is off the list, just as much body coloured bits as possible with a few gloss black trims here and there and, of course, a transparent engine cover. Yellow calipers are the only real exterior indulgence.

Inside Marrone Elpis and Terra Emilia leather is the only suitable combo for the loud interior. While hardly subtle itself, it’s another Countach throwback that was just too good to ignore, especially with a modern twist thanks to ‘Q-citura’ quilting and just a hint of interior carbon.

Adam 'AK' Morris, Presenter

If you’d asked me to configure an Aventador a fortnight ago, the result would have been a hardtop in a Matt or Nardo Grey colour scheme and I would have spec’d it to be as understated as humanly possible.

Then last week happened and Alborz and I enjoyed the complete sensory overload that is a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster. And I’m converted (video will be out soon).

The Aventador is a supercar and supercars need to scream it both audibly and visually so I’ve gone with the S Roadster in Arancio Atlas (pretty bloody close to CarAdvice orange) with Shiny Black Dione Forged rims with matching orange callipers sneaking through behind.

As usual, I’ve optioned about every carbon fibre piece available excluding the intake covers and visually, I think the combo is flashy without being too gaudy.

Inside the orange is the new black theme continues with the sportivo Alcantara split between Nero Ade and Arancio Leonis with inverted stitching joining it all together and yes, carbon fibre anywhere it’s available.

The visibility and light package and Lamborghini Sensonum top things off just incase the shape and colour or engine noise aren't cutting it. Hardly likely really.

Scott Collie, Journalist

Damn, the Aventador S is a good looking thing. I've opted for Blu Caelum on the outside, because it's interesting enough to really highlight the Aventador's good looks without screaming 'OVER COMPENSATING' like some of the colours in the Lamborghini palette.

Coupled with forged Dianthus wheels and red centre-locking nuts, you've got a very pretty bull. Oh, and red brake calipers are an absolute must. Instead of red, I've opted for green springs on my suspension – variety, and all that.

Inside, my Lamborghini has the standard bucket seats trimmed in red and black Sportivo Leather. It looks suitably garish, and contrasts nicely with the blue exterior. Alcantara headlining and bulkhead trim is optional, but worth it.

When it comes to options, I've added the telemetry system and car cover – telemetry so you can show everyone how fast you were at the track, and the cover to avoid stone chips as the car is trucked back your garage from the track. I'll drive my Urus home, thanks.

Andrew Rumpel, Production Coordinator

Why settle for less than excellence in a company car?

The Lamborghini Aventador would be the perfect pinup model for any corporate, social or general errand occasion in the CarAdvice office.

Tastefully painted in Arancio Atlas (I think that means Orange in Italian) and subtlety paired with orange brake calipers, this was chosen to closely represent the CA colours, while pairing them with shiny black wing mirrors and the Dianthus Forged 20'/21' wheels in black.

Inside we've opted for the Unicolour Alacantra, with orange stitching on the dash, interior panels and diamond stitching on the seats.

The Alacantra is the perfect material for to balance comfort, softness as well as all out luxury.

I added a garage door opener, because one does not get out of the vehicle to open the garage door.

You'd never be late for meetings ever again in this company car and wouldn't you mean business?!

Curt Dupriez, Comparisons Editor

Nothing says "Suburban Deputy Mayor Done Good" quite like a Man's Lambo finished in colour you could spot from a moon of Uranus (not to be confused with a certain Italian SUV).

Verde Scandal this green is called? How apt.

Coupe? Heck no! How will the local constituents spot your enigmatic smile through a permanent roof? The Roadster version reminds PolAir and the news choppers exactly who - rather than what - is the centre of the Universe in this fairy tale.

For added personal impact, the dark cabin treatment creates a bold contrast to your bleached pearly whites.

Additional gold detailing flaunting tenuous national pride aids the prospect of flipping ownership to a petulant up and coming tennis star should those Good Times unexpectedly take a turn for bad.

James Wong, Journalist

I know I cop a bit of flack for always choosing green for my Configurator Challenge, but Lamborghini's 'Verde Ermes' was just too good to resist – it's all about making a statement, right?

Behold, my Aventador S Roadster, tastefully finished in the aforementioned Ermes Green with diamond-finished 'Dione' forged alloy wheels, accented by carbon-fibre just about everywhere and orange-painted brake calipers. You can't see it in the images, but the suspension coils are painted green, too.

Inside, I've gone for the bi-colour Sportivo Alcantara interior trim, with Nero Ade as the 'basic colour' and Verde Faunus as the contrasting trim. There's green stitching too.

Adding to the cabin ambience is the Q-Citura quilting on the seats, along with carbon-fibre trim inserts and seat backs. There's also electric and heated seats, an Alcantara headliner, embroidered Lamborghini logos in the headrests, the Lamborghini Sensonum premium audio system, along with the Visibility & Light package.

From the wider options list, I ticked the Travel Package for added interior storage, Parking Assistance pack so I don't prang it in the carpark (visibility is limited in these things, ya know), and the telemetry system so I can time myself on the racetrack.

While it's not as bright and out there as some of the other configurations this week, it's a very 'me' sort of car – fast, green, and comfortable.

'P1LM', CarAdvice commenter

I was so excited when asked to take part in my first CarAdvice Configurator Challenge. One of my favourite Lambos is the Huracan Performante, so I couldn't configure my Aventador without going ballistic.

So I did exactly that and all out with the full exterior carbon package, including carbon engine cover engine bay, X-frame, mirrors wheel caps lower splitter, not to mention black suspension and black racing calipers.

I completed the look with stunning exotic Blu Caelum paint and sensational Dione forged 20-inch front and 21-inch rear diamond-turned alloy wheels.

For the inside I went a somewhat different route – a racing theme to stand out. Leather just doesn't do it for me in a car such as this so I went full Alcantara package including Nero Ade bucket seats with Arancio Leonis orange stitching, headliner and suede leather steering wheel. I've also added visibility and light packages as well as the Lambo Sensonum sound system.

Options are vast which include travel package, parking assistance and onboard telemetry. I couldn't go without the fire extinguisher and emergency kit (Lambo jokes aside), digital tyre-pressure monitor, logo'd valve caps, and rechargeable torch.

All this would cost an arm and a leg but when you have this kind of money, that's irrelevant.