New-look nose spreading across the HiLux range, thanks to a mid-life tweak.
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The Toyota HiLux is set for a makeover, with SR and SR5 variants undergoing a design improvement as part of a recent technology change.

The new front-end is limited to SR and SR5 models in 4x2 and 4x4 hi-rider guise, taking on a very similar look to the recently-announced Rogue special-edition. There are also hints of Rugged and Rugged X in the new look.

While we detailed the design change last year, Toyota was non-committal about whether it would be coming to the wider Australian range.

That time has finally arrived, with a technology change – that included revisions to the Prado, and the inclusion of diesel particular filter regeneration switches on Prado and HiLux – that sees the design adapted to a tougher new look.

The only noticeable difference between the SR and SR5 is several chrome highlights, along with different wheels for high-spec cars.

Despite an opportunity to improve safety specification on the HiLux with the inclusion of autonomous emergency braking (AEB), available on HiLux variants in Europe, the changes are simply limited to the front-end and the diesel particulate filter regeneration switch.

The new HiLux variants now appear to be available to order through dealers, with a Victorian showroom advertising a drive-away price for the restyled SR5 of $54,990 with an additional $1000 of bonus equipment.

Toyota will officially announce the tech change shortly, and we should have more detail on the other elements that have changed.

What do you think of the revised design? Is the HiLux better or worse for it?