Audi RS3 vs Jaguar I-Pace drag race - video

An unconventional head-to-head from the UK. Which takes the cake?
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Internal combustion or electric power – which is quicker? Tesla has highlighted how hard electric vehicles can accelerate, but Jaguar has taken a slightly different approach with the I-Pace, shying away from bonkers 0-100km/h times. For now, anyway.

With a handy 294kW and 680Nm on tap, the first all-electric Jaguar has exactly the same amount of power as the Audi RS3. Although the big cat has 200Nm more than the German super-sedan, the RS3 is significantly lighter, and has a clever all-wheel drive system helping it leap off the line.

They might not be traditional rivals, then, but the RS3 and I-Pace make for an interesting head-to-head. CarWow lined them up on an airstrip for a standing-start and rolling drag race, and found out which had the legs.