A slightly more portable version will also be available, if you're that way inclined. That's not really the point, right?
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Bentley will release a limited-edition book in collaboration with Opus, a specialist book maker, to celebrate its centenary next year.

According to the super-luxury automaker, the book will cover the company's past glories, including its iconic models, Le Mans victories in the 1920s, and the craftspeople who decorate and customise its vehicles.

We may also see a nugget pointing to the brand's future direction, as the book's publishers were reportedly given "unprecedented access to Bentley’s designers, engineers and executives".

The book will be available with three different editions: Mulliner, Centenary, and Crewe. The first two will be full size, while Crewe will be "more accessible". All three versions are expected to ship in early 2019.

As the books will have "never-seen-before imagery", the large format versions will have pages that are half a square metre, as well as gatefold pages up to two metres long.

Expect to hear more about the company's centenary celebration capers in the lead up to 2019.

Bentley has already detailed the Mulsanne W.O. Edition, only 100 of which will be made, and all featuring a slither of the original crankshaft from W. O. Bentley's personal 8.0 Litre limousine.