One of the more relevant features to be added to the Tesla range... well, more relevant than Christmas mode.
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Earnings details weren't the only news to come out of Tesla yesterday. We also learned the Model S, Model X and Model 3 will get something called 'Party & Camper mode' at some point in the near future, allowing intrepid owners to leverage the battery capacity of their cars for outdoorsy pursuits.

In typical Tesla fashion, the new function was announced by Elon Musk on Twitter. It's aimed at owners who might want to hook up a tent to the back of their cars, or don't like leaving the finer things in life behind when they venture off the beaten track.

Some owners had reportedly been hacking their cars to turn them into gigantic power banks, but it wasn't possible to dim the daytime-running lights. Blaring LED lights are a surefire way to make yourself the least popular guy at the campsite.

"We're adding a "party&camper mode" soon to S/3/X, so your car can maintain air flow, temp, selective lights, music & power devices for 48 hours or more while parked," he said. "Big batteries rock..."

This isn't the first time Tesla has promised a fun feature update over the air – far from it. Earlier this week, Musk promised a KITT-style AI voice assistant while, on a more serious note, the company has issued updates to improve the braking performance.