Flagship electric sedan and crossover said to get stark cabin with large touchscreen
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Although Tesla is spending most of its time and energy ramping up production of the Model 3, as well as making itself profitable, its flagship models seem likely to get new, probably controversial, interiors.

Elektrek has obtained and published a few mockups of proposed designs for the new interior. The publication believes a new cabin will be fitted to Model S and Model X production vehicles starting in 2019.

Although there are no photos of the final approved design, all the mockups follow the pattern laid out by the Model 3 with a large horizontal touchscreen, a stripped back dashboard without any physical buttons, and a single air conditioning vent spanning the car's entire width.

One design does feature a small, almost hidden, instrumentation screen ahead of the driver. Physical controls are limited to the indicator and wiper wands behind the steering wheel, capacitive buttons on the steering wheel, and capacitive window switches on the armrests.

The large touchscreen in the proposed designs seems to be larger than the one used in the Model 3, and sports an almost bezel-free look, which is popular in the latest generation of top-end smartphones.

It's not known if the updated interior will be accompanied by any exterior modifications.

The Model S went into production in 2012, and was given a facelift in 2016, with the key visual change being a new front bumper that no longer includes a fake grille.

Entering production in 2015, the Model X initially faced problems with its unique falcon-wing doors, and has yet to be facelifted.