New four-door sports car to have over 440kW of power on tap
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The first details about the Porsche Taycan and its all-electric drivetrain have been revealed by the Zuffenhausen-based car maker.

The Taycan will be powered by two permanently excited synchronous motors, one for each axle, and each featuring a permanently magnetised rotor which spins thanks to a stator's magnetic field.

According to Porsche, these motors can "generate a permanent rotary motion that can be applied at any time without needing to be started", and are the "turbos of the electric motor milieu".

Used together, the Taycan's electric motors will be able to catapult the car from 0-100km/h in "well under" 3.5 seconds, and crack the 200km/h mark within 12 seconds.

Powering the Taycan's motors will be a lithium-ion battery pack boasting a specific energy content of around 270 watt-hours per kilogram, and delivering around 500 kilometres of driving range when fully charged.

In Europe and the US, the Taycan will use the Combine Charging System standard, and support both wired and wireless conductive charging. It will also be compatible with 800V and 400V charging stations. Models sold in Japan and China will use applicable local standards instead.

When attached to a fast charger, the Taycan's batteries can reportedly be topped up to 400km of range within 15 minutes.

Inside, Porsche has confirmed the Taycan will be available with a large 10.0-inch touchscreen for its infotainment system.

Porsche says it has produced "three figures" worth of prototypes, and covered millions of kilometres during the vehicle's development.


The Taycan will go on sale in key markets in late 2019, with Australian sales slated to start some time in 2020.