Hotted-up take on the Chiron is coming soon, as Monterey Car Week inches closer.

Bugatti has given us another peek at the hotted-up, Chiron-based Divo ahead of its full reveal at Monterey Car Week in California.

The new Divo, which will be fully revealed on August 24, will be lighter and more handling-focused than the Chiron, with more downforce for "significantly better handling properties" and more g-forces at full noise. The standard car isn't exactly slow, so we're expecting the Divo will be an absolute animal.

Based on two teasers posted on Facebook, the Divo will have a look entirely of its own compared to the Chiron. Its OLED tail-lights have a three-dimensional look, almost like those of the Aston Martin Vulcan, while the flanks will be home to an aggressive-looking aero fin.

Just in case the brand's French heritage wasn't obvious, the new aero addenda will be adorned with the red, white and blue. Ettore would be happy, no doubt.