The four-door luxury performance coupe segment may not be as niche as originally anticipated, with Porsche announcing the Panamera has become its best-selling model in the US for the first time.
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For the month of April, the Porsche Panamera accounted for 678 of the 1,747 total Porsche sales in the US - eclipsing deliveries for the usual favourite, the Porsche 911.

This is the result of a sharp 42 per cent decline in sales of the 911 compared to the same month last year, with only 389 units delivered to customers.

At the lower end of the Porsche price scale, the Boxster and Cayman both enjoyed a rise in sales of 28 per cent and three per cent respectively, proving that cautious US buyers are not being quite as flamboyant with their spending post-GFC.

The Porsche Cayenne performed expectedly poorly in the US with a life-cycle related decline of about 63 percent to 326 vehicles as the new-generation model due to be launched in the US market starting in July 2010.