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Bugatti Chiron gains 'Sky View' option

A bit more light in the cabin, a bit more headroom for tall passengers and a bit more roof stiffness.
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Bugatti has added a new Sky View option to the Chiron, letting a bit of extra light into the lives of its pampered customers.

The option, which is available to order now, consists of two laminated glass panels over the front seats. Measuring 65cm long and 44cm wide, the panels are fixed presumably because sunroofs at 400km/h seem like a recipe for disaster.

Being a Bugatti, this isn't any old piece of glass. It's made up of four layers, each designed to perform a different role: the first deals with wind noise, the second is designed to tackle infrared radiation. The glass is tinted, naturally, and it actually improves the structural rigidity of the car's roof.

It also frees up an extra 2.7cm of headroom, ideal for taller drivers, or those who enjoy driving in a top hat.

The first Chiron with a Sky View roof will be on show at the Monterey Car Week in California, which kicks off at the end of August.