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McLaren BP23 to be called 'Speedtail'

Three-seat model from McLaren to be like a Longtail, but speedier.
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After months of teasers using the BP23 Hyper-GT moniker, McLaren has finally picked a name for its upcoming three-seat flagship.

Dubbed 'Speedtail', the car has been designed as the "ultimate road-going McLaren", with a central driving position and 106-car build run to pay homage to the legendary McLaren F1.

Power will come from a petrol-electric hybrid setup, good for a top speed well beyond the F1's record-breaking 386.4km/h marker. We're not sure if the Bugatti Chiron should be worried – McLaren hasn't offered enough information for even the least educated of guesses – but there's no doubting it'll be seriously fast.

As for what the car will look like, the best indication we have is a 'Speed Form' (above) handed to owners in the lead up to the car's official reveal. McLaren is promising the car will be "flowing and highly streamlined, incorporating exquisite new materials to facilitate limitless possibilities for tailoring through McLaren Special Operations".

We've also been given a glimpse at what could be a top-down view of the car in the teaser video published below. Beyond the idea of smooth, flowing lines and potentially a pinched-looking rear end, we're still in the dark.

There's no word on when the BP23 – sorry, the Speedtail – will be launched. We do know, however, it'll cost in excess of $2 million. Not that it matters – they're all sold anyway.