Ford Mondeo Diesel (MB) upgraded

Ford Australia has today announced the upgraded Ford Mondeo Diesel. The MB Mondeo is equipped with the blue oval's latest diesel powertrain, which delivers more power and torque whilst using less fuel.
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The upgraded Mondeo will be powered by the new 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine that achieves fuel economy figures of 5.9L/100km, 0.1L/100km better than the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This means Ford beats the Prius for outright fuel economy with the Fiesta Econetic and now beats the Camry hybrid as well.

The 2.0-litre delivers a very impressive 120kW of power (16% more than its predecessor) and 340Nm of torque (six percent more) and is mated to the Getrag built PowerShift six-speed dual-clutch transmission system (used in numerous diesels).

The combination of a six-speed dual-clutch smooth shifting automatic gearbox with an impressive diesel engine will mean strong competition for Japanese cars such as the Mazda6 diesel and Toyota Camry Hybrid.

"Ford Australia is set to introduce a variety of new models, technologies and innovations over the next 12-18 months, further strengthening our product portfolio and delivering affordable, state-of-the-art features focused on fuel economy, safety, driver comfort and convenience," said Ford Australia Vice President Marketing, Sales & Service, Beth Donovan.

Ford Australia is also taking Mondeo diesels seriously with the introduction of four new diesel models - LX TDCi hatch, LX TDCi wagon, Zetec TDCi wagon and Titanium TDCi wagon.

"The new powertrain not only delivers significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to the prior generation engine, but at the same time generates more power and improved high-torque performance." Ms Donovan said.

The 2.0-litre TDCi diesel engine showcases the latest technological innovations from Ford, the major changes to the engine include:

  • Next-generation combustion system design with a lower compression ratio, increased combustion chamber diameter and reduced swirl
  • New higher-pressure common-rail fuel injection systems with advanced multi-hole injectors
  • Smaller, low-inertia variable-geometry turbochargers

From the inside airducts will now be standard on Zetec models (previously only on Titanium variants) and from the outside the new Mondeo will gain roof rails standard on all wagon variants with the ones on LX variants finished in black (Silver finish on on Zetec and Titanium).

"There has been a growing acceptance of diesel technology within the Medium car segment over the past few years and Mondeo has played a key part in that evolution, with diesel-powered models now accounting for more than half of all Mondeos sold," Ms Donovan said.

The Ford Mondeo Diesel is expected to go on sale early in the third quarter with diesel engines available across the entire range and bodystyles.

2010 MB Mondeo – Manufacturer's List Price*

Price ($)
LX TDCi34,540New model
Zetec TDCi39,240
Titanium TDCi46,240
LX TDCi36,390New model
Zetec TDCi40,740New model
Titanium TDCi47,740New model
CurrentMB Mondeo TDCiNewMB Mondeo TDCi
Fuel Economy & Engine PerformanceAll variantsLX hatchLX wagon,Zetec & Titanium
ADR 81/02 combined cycle (L/100km)
CO2 emissions (g/km)193157165
Max. Power (kW)103120120
Max. Torque (Nm)320340340