New sedan to be the most aerodynamic car on the road today.
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Mercedes-Benz has teased the 2019 A-Class Sedan, confirming its credentials as a seriously slippery customer.

According to the company, its upcoming three-box A-Class will be the most aerodynamically efficient car in the world with a 0.22 coefficient of drag (Cd), down on the (already-impressive) 0.25Cd offered by the hatchback.

Mercedes-Benz is crediting an extensive period of development using computer-aided simulations, and plenty of time in the Sindelfingen wind tunnel.

Beyond the basic shape, it says the headlight surrounds and seals are tighter than normal, while the underbody is almost completely sealed to better slice through the air. The front and rear wheel arches are designed to channel air around the rims, while the rims themselves have been optimised for low drag.

An active shutter behind the grille will be available in some parts of the world, helping smooth things out when the car doesn't need max cooling airflow, before opening up to feed the engine when it does.

Beyond its aerodynamic prowess, Mercedes has confirmed the Sedan will ride on the same wheelbase as the A-Class hatchback revealed earlier this year.

Along with the three-box car you see here, the base A-Class platform will underpin a total of eight variants. Four of those are pretty easy to pick: the A-Class hatch and sedan, a GLA SUV and a CLA coupe-cum-sedan are all but 100 per cent confirmed. We're also expecting a new B-Class and potentially an all-new GLB SUV.

Stay tuned for more about the A-Class Sedan, which is likely to be revealed in full before year's end.

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