Configurator Challenge: McLaren 600LT

We create our ideal versions of the latest McLaren track special.
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Customisation is in vogue at the moment, but choice can be seriously confusing. In our configurator challenge, we let the CarAdvice team loose on a manufacturer’s website to create their ideal spec of a certain model.

For this edition of the Configurator Challenge, we’re designing our perfect McLaren 600LT.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and which cars you’d like to see next!

James Wong, Journalist

I felt a little patriotic this week, so I've gone for a green and gold (yellow) theme for my McLaren 600LT – Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

The exterior is finished in Luminaire Green (it can't be a 'Wongy-cLaren' without being green) contrasted with gloss black 10-spoke ultra-light forged alloys **breathes** and yellow calipers for the standard carbon-ceramic brakes.

Options for the exterior include Carbon Fibre Upgrade 3, which pretty much makes the bodykit, mirrors and spoiler carbon-fibre, along with the MSO Clubsport Pack, which brings a carbon-fibre and side 'cantrails', along with titanium wheel bolts and carbon-fibre racing seats for the interior.

Speaking of the interior, I've opted for Carbon Black leather and Alcantara throughout, accented by carbon-fibre trim inserts and sill finishers, along with MSO Defined yellow seatbelts to match the brake calipers.

Other option boxes that have been ticked include the Bowers & Wilkins audio system (for dem sik beats cuz), and the Security Pack (lift kit, front and rear parking sensors, rear-view camera).

I've also left the air-conditioning as is rather than de-selecting for the sake of weight reduction, because ain't nobody got time for looking a sweaty hot mess in their McLaren.

Well, there you have it. Love or hate the green, I think the 600LT deserves to stand out a bit – and not be finished in a shade of white or grey **cough** Mel...

Melissa Ong, Community Manager

Every time I look at the 600LT, I stare in awe. Every line of this car is gorgeous until you get to the rear which resembles the bum of a baboon. That said, who am I not to configure a supercar? This is my McLaren.

Starting on the outside, I have opted for the Silica White paint. McLaren was generous when they offered two different white paints for this car. They also offered one red, and FOUR different oranges. Just four. Going the usual, I went with white. Layer it up with Gloss Black ultralight rims and red brake calipers; now we have ourselves a Melissa Ong-spec car.

Stepping inside, I have picked the Carmine Red/Jet Black trim on the seats. the drivers seat is a carbon race seat. So many carbon fibre options were offered, but I went plain and simple. I added cabin stowage and floor mats. I also chose the full fruit air conditioner. Am I a monster for not choosing the "less air conditioning" option?

In addition to this, I threw in parking sensors all round, a vehicle tracking system, security pack, 'VOLUMEtric' alarm and a fire extinguisher. It's nice to see the car cover come as standard.

Scott Collie, Journalist

Purple is usually Kez's preserve, but McLaren has forced me to encroach on his turf this week. Sure, the official name is Mauvine Blue, but if that isn't purple then my name isn't Scott Collie.

I've opted for the five-spoke, diamond-cut alloy wheels and yellow brakes, both of which do a good job of making the base exterior colour really pop. Contrast is underrated, folks.

The usual array of Carbon Fibre Upgrade packages are available here, and they've all been ticked granting a lightweight, glossy look to essentially any exterior surface that isn't purple. I didn't, however, tick the Clubsport Pack box, because the carbon roof is a heinous crime against taste.

Inside, I've opted for the bucket seats from the Senna. They look uncomfortable, but that's a price worth paying for proper support on the track. Red seatbelts and door trim, add a dash of colour to the interior, while carbon-fibre trim for the dashboard was a no brainer.

Given it's a track car, the four-speaker audio system will do me just fine. Oh, and a fire extinguisher make sense, given I'll be setting the timing boards alight.

Kez Casey, Road Tester

Without the a long history of high performance road cars (F1 notwithstanding) its hard to know if a McLaren should be outrageous like a Lamborghini, timeless like an Aston Martin, or conformist like a Ferrari.

McLaren’s strength probably lies in its details, and the 600LT is an ideal showcase for those hence McOrange for the brake calipers, seatbelts, steering wheel top marker and the key housing, but that’s it.

Everything else gets a downlow coat of Saros grey paint, complemented by a black and blue Alcantara interior and balanced with ‘satin raw metal’ finish five-arm alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tyres.

There’s a few concessions skewed towards comfort like Bowers and Wilkins audio, and air conditioning (I’m no fool) plus McLaren’s multi-camera telemetry pack so as not to miss a moment of the on track action

What’s not included in my spec? Visual carbon fibre for a start, 600LT badges are banished too, this one’s going to be the ultimate mystery machine keeping its potential for the track, not the street.