That's right, you'll actually be able to buy one. We'll take Tony Stark's drop-top Audi R8, thanks.
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Iron Man might drive an Audi R8, but that hasn't stopped Hyundai from trying to cash in on Tony Stark's popularity, revealing the production Kona Iron Man ahead of Comic-Con in San Diego.

The new Kona Iron Man has a unique front-lighting signature, with a unique daytime-running light setup designed to match the face mask and eye shape of, you guessed it, Iron Man.

There's a unique V-shaped bonnet garnish, mask-inspired graphics on the fenders, engraved headlight internals (seriously) and custom 18-inch alloy wheels with Iron Man centre caps – though they kind of look like they've been borrowed from a Nissan Qashqai...

Special movie-inspired engravings have been added to the D-pillar, rear bumper and rear doors, too. Hyundai has really gone all-out on this one.

Behind the wheel, the instrument binnacle has been signed by Tony Stark himself (or one of Robert Downey Jr's assistants) for an extra link to the movies, and the head-up display has been tweaked to more closely represent the graphics on the fictional superhero's mask.

The seats and gear stick are unique, and the red-on-black colour scheme has been chosen as a nod to Iron Man's suit as well. Even the infotainment system is different to standard, although we're not sure whether new fonts and a different homepage image really count...

The craziest thing about this is, rather than keeping it as a Comic-Con one-off, Hyundai is going to offer the Iron Man as a build-to-order model around the world, arriving early in 2019.

UPDATE, 6/12/19: Hyundai Australia has confirmed the Kona Iron Man Edition will be headed Down Under in limited numbers during the first quarter, with further details to be released.

At this stage, we understand our version will be based on the 1.6-litre turbocharged all-wheel drive variant, with most equipment mirroring that of the vehicle revealed overseas. Stay tuned for more.