Liberty Walk turns kei car into a pint-sized supercar with new body kit
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Japanese tuner Liberty Walk has unveiled a new body kit package, which turns the cute little convertible hardtop Daihatsu Copen into baby Godzilla.

We're not sure why Liberty Walk chose the Copen as its starting point, although the convertible's easily-removable resin body panels may have played a part in the decision.

The basic package includes redesigned front and rear bumpers, with the new front clip faithfully mimicking GT-R's design, including its V-motion grille, LED driving lights, and front splitter.

Unfortunately the rear doesn't seem to feature a take on the Nissan's afterburner tail-lights, although there are cut outs for four exhaust tips.

If you want, the Liberty Walk kit can also include a huge rear wing, and an outlandish set of wheel arch extensions, which are seen here with black alloy wheels, wide rubber, and a wider front and rear track.

After dressing up the Copen to look like a GT-R, it's probably wise to invest in some upgrades for the drivetrain. From the factory, the Copen is fitted with a 660cc turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine generating a total of 47kW of power and 92Nm of torque.

All of this goes to the front wheels via either a five-speed manual or a CVT with seven virtual gears. Manual Copens come with a standard limited-slip differential.