Time Machine Tuesday: 10 July 2018

Take a wild ride through the CarAdvice archives for the week of July 10th.
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People often say “don’t forget where you came from”. Although we’re focused on every new car, every last detail here at CarAdvice, we have an extensive back-catalogue of news stories, lifestyle yarns and reviews.

Here’s a look at what happened on the week of July 10 in years past.

July 09, 2010: Kia global sales exceed 1 million

Kia is going from strength-to-strength in Australia at the moment, with strong sales driven by a rapidly-improving model range and an industry-leading seven-year warranty. Back in 2010, the brand managed to hit one million annual global sales inside six months for the first time.

"I am encouraged to see sales of Kia vehicles around the world eclipse the 1 million unit annual mark faster than ever before in our company's history," said Hyoung-Keun Lee, Kia president at the time.

"All of our major markets are now gearing up for retail sales of the completely redesigned and reengineered Sportage CUV, which will certainly add to our momentum and help continue strong sales for the brand in the second half of the year."

Have a look here

09 July, 2012: Bentley EXP 9F: SUV concept hits the road

Today, we have the Bentley Bentayga. Back in 2012, we had the EXP 9F Concept, an eye-catching preview of what would become the first Bentley SUV.

Originally launched at the Geneva motor show, the car was taken on a tour through the Goodwood Festival of Speed to find out what 'the people' thought. Our commenters weren't sold, but potential buyers clearly were.

Hark back, but prepare your eyes for the onslaught...

July 09, 2015: Volkswagen Golf TDI sets new US fuel economy record

Remember the period before Volkswagen's never-ending Dieselgate saga? It was a simpler time, where the brand marketed its diesel cars as 'Clean Diesel' in the USA. It was working, too, thanks to some savvy marketing, and the fact a Golf TDI drives nothing like an old-fashioned diesel truck.

As part of those branding efforts, the company set off on a road trip through all 48 contiguous American states in search of the USA Fuel Economy Record.

The Golf TDI drank just 2.9L/100km on the 13,250.5km journey, for a total fuel bill of just AU$400. Impressive, but we'd wager the odds of Volkswagen trying to do anything with the word 'clean' on the side of a car are slim in 2018.

That's not much diesel, though!

09 July, 2016: Mazda CX-9 won't be penalised by lack of diesel option, brand claims

With power from a 2.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine, the CX-9 bucked (and continues to buck) the wider industry trend for diesel in large SUVs.

“We’ve seen the fuel price come down – petrol consumption isn’t quite at the top of mind as it was a few years ago,” Alastair Doak, marketing director for Mazda Australia, said at the time.

“I’m sure there’ll be a small portion of the market that will say ‘no diesel, no sale’. But [the Toyota] Kluger, for example, is doing 12,000 or 13,000 without a diesel. So it proves you can satisfy a huge proportion of the marketplace.”

Of course, the diesel CX-8 has touched down in Australia now...

10 July, 2017: Tailgaters wouldn't tailgate if not for those rotten queue-jumpers...

Surprise surprise. A study from CARRS-Q at the Queensland University of Technology found 50 per cent of drivers don't keep a safe following distance on the roads, but those drivers blame annoying queue-jumpers for the trait.

"Drivers blamed queue-jumpers for tailgating, they wanted to avoid another driver cutting in front of them. Despite drivers perceiving they are following at a safe distance, our on-road data showed that in reality most don’t leave the recommended two to three second gap," said Dr Sebastien Demmel, co-author of the report.

Are you a tailgater. Or worse, a queue-jumper?