Volkswagen has today unveiled a rather interesting car, a plug-in electric version of their best selling model. The Volkswagen Golf electric car is getting ready for production with a release date set for 2013.
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Although the Germans have arguably been playing catch up when it comes to hybrid and electric cars, the zero-emission Golf (which makes use of lithium-ion battery technology) is a good indication of where Volkswagen is heading in the future.

Volkswagen has called it the Golf Blue-E-Motion and it represents the first of many electric cars expected from the German manufacturer. According to Volkswagen Chairman Martin Wiinterkorn we will also see electric versions of the Jetta straight after the Golf.

Nonetheless the Volkswagen Up Blue-E-Motion will be the first of the Blue-E-Motion cars to the hit the market.

The electric Golf is powered by a a 115-hp electric motor that pushes power to the front wheels via a Volkswagen developed single-gear gearbox codenamed MQ210.

Storing energy to feed the motor is a lithium-ion battery pack located ingeniously in the middle tunnel of the floorpan as well as under the rear seat and in the floor of the trunk.

Volkswagen says it has a capacity of 26.5 kilowatt-hours, in otherwords it can drive for about 150km before needing a recharge. Although we are not sure how long it takes to recharge, going by current industry standards it will mostly likely be a 5-7 hour recharge time for a full recharge or a 30-45 minute fast-charge for a 80% recharge with the option for a fast charge with the current infrastructure.

Weighing in at a hefty 1,544kg the top speed of the Volkswagen Golf Blue-E-Motion is quoted at about 140km/h while it takes around 11.8 seconds to go from 0-100km/h.

The German company is expected to build up to 500 prototypes for internal testing before the production ready model hits showrooms in 2013. Despite building electric-only models, Volkswagen will also release a range of hybrid variants including a Touareg hybrid, Jetta hybrid (in 2012) and Golf and Passat hybrids by 2013.