New SUV coupe being readied to continue the battle with the BMW X6
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The current Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe looks as though it will have a short life, with its replacement snapped this week for the first time.

The "coupe" in showrooms today was only revealed in late 2014, just ahead of the updated ML-Class, now known as the GLE.

In terms of design, the next-generation GLE Coupe and GLE models both sing from the same base hymn sheet, although from what we can see the two vehicles will not share many exterior panels.

Aside from the lower roof, along with the more aggressively raked and less practical rear, the GLE Coupe also features reshaped door panels with a line sweeping up from near the bottom of the front door to around the top of the rear wheel arch.

Up front, the GLE Coupe has a more aggressively sculpted front bumper, and a unique set of headlights – well, they appear to be unique, although the camouflage could be playing tricks. Out back, there's a short deck lid and a variation of the brand's wide, thin tail-lights for coupe models.

Under the skin, the new GLE Coupe will ride on the MHA platform underpinning the next-generation GLE crossover. As is currently the case, we expect the GLE Coupe to use a subset of the powertrains offered in the next-gen GLE – these should include turbocharged inline six-cylinder motors, V8s for certain AMG models, and, down the track, a plug-in hybrid.

The GLE wagon should be revealed at the Paris motor show in October, and we'd expect the GLE Coupe to make its debut shortly after – so expect it to surface late-2018 or early-2019.

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