New seven-seater launches with loft expectations from its Korean parents.
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Hyundai has this week taken the wraps off its all-new Santa Fe, which it hopes will increase its market share in the hotly-contested large SUV segment.

Currently commanding around six per cent market share, Hyundai expects the new technology in its seven-seat offering will increase drive a stronger position in its segment, despite stiff competition.

Speaking with CarAdvice at the Santa Fe launch last week, Hyundai Australia marketing director, Oliver Mann, said the company hopes sharp pricing and new technology will help push the Santa Fe forward.

"We're certainly looking for some lift in performance. The car is easily good enough to be doing eight to seven per cent share, I would think," Mann said.

We're running at six to seven at the moment, I think historically we've done the current model DM Santa Fe. So, yeah, we think the car is a class leader, fundamentally," he continued.

"I think overall that it's a spectacularly rounded package. I think what we've found is the cars are really looking for great comfort and refinement because it's all about keeping the family, the kids, quiet, comfortable – and the Santa Fe just does a great job in providing plenty of space, plenty of refinement, providing all the necessary kinds of activity."

"Sun blinds, obviously, those are important in separating kids out as well, but once you've got kids sorted, then mum and dad can actually relax and enjoy the drive much more," Mann said.

When asked about the Kia Sorento which shares a number of parts with Santa Fe, but offers a longer warranty, Mann was convinced the Hyundai offering was compelling enough without the added warranty.

"Santa Fe competes with a whole heap of large SUVs, as well as Sorento, and I guess we look at what we need to do to compete in the market. We think Santa Fe is a fine vehicle in its own right and competes on its own terms. The five-year warranty likewise is a highly competitive offering," said Mann.

With Ford, Holden and Honda all increasing their warranty offering to five years, Hyundai is no longer in a league of its own when it comes to warranty super servicing. We will watch Santa Fe sales closely to see how well it's received against a very competitive segment.