Australian allocation has been increased by 50 per cent.
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Hyundai has hit the ground running with its first factory performance hatchback, the i30N. In fact, if you join the queue for a new one today, you won't see it until much later this year.

Speaking with CarAdvice at last week's launch of the new Santa Fe, Hyundai Australia marketing director, Oliver Mann, said the company was thrilled with the interest in its new product.

"Really well [i30N sales are going], we're now back ordered to October, November time I think," Mann said.

"We're trying to get more production out of the Czech Republic. I know that every market, i30N has been a big hit. So, everyone is scrambling for more production. I think we're gonna get 750 this year instead of the original allocated 500. But nevertheless, demand exceeds supply so there's a waiting list."

Given how well the vehicle has been received, we wanted to know whether Hyundai was surprised with the reaction, given it's the brand's first attempt at a proper hot hatch.

"I don't know. I think everyone who has been involved in the i30N project has been just very engaged, very enthusiastic, and quietly very confident that the car was going to do great things," Mann mused.

"I think we've been delighted by how well it's been received, but it's not unique to Australia. It's been exceptionally well received all over the world. I think we were quietly confident and that's come good," he continued.

The Hyundai i30N performed well in our recent hot hatch mega test. With a standard track warranty, would you consider one over established players like the Golf GTI?