New small car available in Europe polarised sunnies-friendly driver's display and active anti-pothole system.
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Ford has detailed new technologies for the upcoming Focus range, including a fighter-jet inspired head-up display (HUD) and an adaptive suspension system that can sense potholes.

Both features have been detailed by the Blue Oval's European division, as both will make their regional debut when the all-new small car arrives.

First up is the HUD, which the company claims is compatible with polarised sunglasses thanks to technology inspired by systems used in fighter jets.

According to the manufacturer, the new display "emits the kind of light that polarised sunglasses are designed to eliminate from view. But a carefully tuned filter “bounces back” polarised light to the driver and effectively solves the problem".

Like all head-up displays, Ford's unit is designed to keep key information in the driver's line of sight, preventing the need to take their eyes off the road to view things like the vehicle's indicated speed, cruise control and navigation information.

Ford claims it is the first company in Europe to offer a HUD that can be viewed with polarised sunglasses, too.

Meanwhile, the Focus will also be available with a new pothole-detecting system (above) that smooths out the vehicle's ride over broken surfaces.

According to the Blue Oval, 12 high-resolution sensors are built into the optional adaptive damper system to 'see' upcoming potholes before the vehicle drives over them.

Once the broken road surface is identified, the system will adjust the dampers to their hardest setting, so the wheels don't fall as deeply into the hole.

Ford says this technology reduces the impact as the wheel rebounds out of the hole, improving the ride quality and also reducing the chances of incurring wheel damage.

The system will slowly be rolled out across the company's models above the Focus (sorry Fiesta, you're going to have to sit this one out) on all vehicles fitted with Ford's continuously-controlled damping technology.

Buyers in the UK will be able to specify the adaptive dampers for £650 ($1167) when the new Focus range arrives there in the coming months.


Speaking with CarAdvice, Ford's local product communications manager, Damion Smy, remained tight-lipped about whether we'll see these features on Australian-bound Focus models – scheduled to launch here in November.

"We will confirm specific local details of the all-new Focus later in the year, but rest assured our vehicle will be tech-laden and sourced exclusively from Germany," he said.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates over the coming months.