Service differs from those being trialled by other manufacturers
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Jaguar Land Rover has launched Carpe, an annual subscription service aimed at high mileage drivers.

The service is being run by InMotion Ventures, a Jaguar Land Rover offshoot experimenting in mobility schemes, car and ride sharing, and financial services.

Unlike the Porsche Passport, Mercedes-Benz Collection and Access by BMW schemes being trialled by in select US cities, the Carpe plans don't allow subscribers to sample various cars within a payment tier.

Instead, subscribers choose a vehicle in the specification they want, and this vehicle is delivered to them straight from the factory.

The contract length is 12 months, and the service is designed for drivers who do a lot of kilometres and want to experience a new car every year. The monthly fee includes comprehensive insurance, car tax, service and maintenance, tyre and glass replacement, and roadside assistance.

Aside from the monthly payment, the only other thing subscribers need to shell out for is fuel.

Prices start from £910 ($1600) before VAT for a Jaguar E-Pace and go up to £2200 ($3870) for a Range Rover Sport HSE. These fees can be reduced if you elect to put down a deposit.

From what we can see, the only vehicles in the Jaguar and Land Rover ranges that aren't available via Carpe are the Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar XJ and full-size Range Rover.