Lion-branded SUV the new vehicle of choice for French president
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The Peugeot 5008 has been chosen as the new official state vehicle for France's president, Emmanuel Macron, and as such the company has decked out the SUV with a range of modifications for presidential use, including certified bulletproofing.

In partnership with Centigon Security Group, the special 5008 gets bespoke features like armour plating, a one-off second row seating package, upgraded brakes, emergency lights and sirens, along with the Presidential Seal.

The special rear-seat arrangement involves two Peugeot-designed captain's chairs, centre armrest and a document safe, for a limousine-style environment.

Peugeot says the armour plating meets "comprehensive ballistics test criteria", but leaves no indication of the 5008's bulletproof status, and the "discreet" lights, sirens and flag masts do little to distinguish the presidential vehicle from the mass-market version.

"The official State Car project is especially challenging for the simple reason that failure is not an option. This is when we thought: ‘We are actually reclaiming French cultural heritage and French craftsmanship," said Olivier Desserprit, chef du project, 5008 Présidential.

"Safety is the Presidential car’s first requirement so it goes without saying it’s bulletproof."

Check out the video below for an insight into how the bulletproof 5008 was developed: