And there's artificially-intelligent suspension, too
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Jaguar has announced a handful of updates for the E-Pace, including a new entry-level petrol engine and adaptive suspension, for the European market.

UPDATE, 11:51am: Jaguar has confirmed the new P200 will be coming to Australia. Details have been added to the end of the story.

The new Ingenium four-cylinder turbo petrol produces 147kW of power, good for a claimed 7.7-second sprint to 60mph (97km/h) and 34.4mpg (8.2L/100km) on the combined cycle.

It slots in below the existing range of four-cylinder petrol engines, producing 183kW/365Nm in P250 guise or 221kW/441Nm in the top-spec P300 model. Regardless of tune, the engine is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

All engines have also been fitted with particulate filters ahead of WLTP emissions testing.

Along with the new engine, the E-Pace range has been boosted by the addition of some artificial smarts. Debuted on the I-Pace, the compact SUV runs with something called Smart Settings. It recognises the driver based on their phone's Bluetooth signal and automatically adjusts the seat, climate control, and infotainment system accordingly.

According to Jaguar, the system learns about driver patterns based on time, location and weather-based behaviour patterns, which means the car will eventually be able to pre-heat the seats if it thinks the driver is about to commute and it's chilly outside – at least, that's the example provided.

An intelligent phone function will automatically surface contacts around the time the driver usually calls them, too. There's no excuse to not call your mum now, is there?

Under the skin, the E-Pace has been treated to the same Adaptive Dynamics system offered on the rest of the Jaguar range. It monitors body movement every two milliseconds and tweaks the dampers accordingly, in an attempt to deliver a relaxed ride on rough roads, and a sporty one when the driver demands.


Jaguar Australia has confirmed the E-Pace P200 will be added to the line-up for 2019, along with the option of adaptive dampers on all bar D150 models.