Having recently announced a China-only long-wheelbase version of its 5 Series sedan, BMW is reportedly preparing a one-off electric version of the luxury model for the Beijing Motor Show.
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The report, published in UK magazine Autocar, says a source within BMW has confirmed the all-electric 5 Series, dubbed 'Echo', is the result of a collaborative effort between the German manufacturer and Tongji University.

The car, which is said to have a range of up to 100km from a single charge, will be used to analyse the potential for a Chinese BMW electric vehicle.

BMW says the car was "built in China, by China, and for China" at the automaker’s Shanyang facility , using Chinese-sourced EV technology.

"The Chinese government is investing billions of dollars in electric car technology, and that is pushing development at an incredible pace," the source told Autocar."Electric cars make so much sense for China; at present it has to import crude oil and it has a pollution problem, yet it has access to hundreds of years’ worth of coal, and therefore easy electricity."

Further specifications will be announced when the car is officially unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show which runs from April 23 to May 2.