And they're real, not just concepts!
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Nissan has unveiled a pair of self-contained campers at the Madrid motor show, packing two-tone paint jobs and pop-tops in a (suspiciously) similar vein to the Volkswagen California camper.

The smaller of the two vans, the e-NV200, is designed to comfortably sleep four people on a weekend away. There's heating, a proper bedroom with curtains, and a double bed in the pop-top section, supplementing the double bed on the 'ground floor'.

Along with the pop-up sleeping quarters, the roof of both vans is home to a fold-out awning, perfect for sunny afternoons in the Algarve. Down back, both vans get a bike rack as well.

There's an integrated kitchen, a fridge, sink and plumbed-in water and gas. Given it's an electric vehicle, you shouldn't struggle to power on-board electronics in the e-NV200, either. Unfortunately, with a maximum range between 200 and 300km, you're limited to nearby camping spots or getaways.

Over in the bigger NV300, power comes from a 1.6-litre turbo-diesel making 107kW and 340Nm.

Beyond the practical stuff, you can see the two-tone retro paint work and classic polished wheels. The treatment is very similar to that applied to Volkswagen California campers.

"The new Nissan Camper range will allow the most adventurous to have a balcony with views of the most incredible places in the world and enjoy the essence of traveling with family or friends," said Francesc Corberó, communications director for Nissan Iberia.

Both campers are available to order if you live in Spain. Nissan doesn't offer the NV300 or e-NV200 in Australia, and has no plans to in the immediate future.