Following news earlier today that Ferrari will launch six new models by 2013, comes word that sister company Maserati will expand its range downward by adding two premium models priced between 55,000 euros and 70,000 euros (AUD$80,000 to $101,000) by 2015.
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Currently, Maserati's lowest priced Maserati offering, the GranTurismo, retails at a little more thn 112,000 euros (AUD$162,000).

CEO of Maserati, Sergio Marchionne, says the reason behind offering a less expensive pair of models is to capitalise on the brand's DNA. The move in to the new segment part of the firm's five-year plan.

Other changes will see Maserati replace its flagship Quattroporte (as pictured above) sometime within the next four years. Mr Marchionne did not say when the model's replacement would arrive, but did say we can expect pricing to be similar to that of the recently released BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

The move comes as Maserati aims to bolster its combined revenues with Ferrari to more than 3.5 billion euros (AUD$5.05 billion) in 2014. Last year, the pair made a little more than 2 billion euros (AUD$2.88 billion).