And it's cheaper than the equivalent from BMW
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Mercedes-Benz has joined the growing crowd of subscription services in the USA, launching the Mercedes-Benz Collection program in Nashville and Philadelphia.

It's just a pilot program at the moment, allowing early adopters access to the company's range through three subscription tiers: Signature, Reserve and Premier. Regardless of tier, subscribers pay a US$495 ($650) activation fee, and then between US$1095 ($1430) and US$2995 ($3928) per month depending on their city, and which cars they want to drive.

Interested customers download a dedicated app and sign up with their credit card then, once their credit/driving history have been checked, they're able to request a vehicle for the next day. Cars arrive clean, with a full tank of fuel.

All the background nitty-gritty like insurance, registration, tolls and servicing are handled by the service, which will launch as a trial.

BMW USA is currently doing a similar trial in Nashville, Tennessee, with subscription plans starting at US$2000 ($2600) and running to US$3700 ($4780).

Porsche also offers subscriptions through Porsche Passport, as part of a partnership with Clutch Technologies. There are, once again, tiers to the service, with buyers on the base level given access to 718, Macan and Cayenne model lines.