Celebrating 70 years of Porsche: a podcast special

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Today marks 70 years since the first Porsche, the 356 'No. 1' Roadster, was registered, and the company is celebrating its rich history with worldwide Sportscar Together Day.

We've produced a podcast special for the occasion, where we talk to people who have been involved with Porsche in Australia over the journey, be it behind-the-wheel or behind-the-scenes.

Some highlights are below, but listen to the podcast for the full experience.

Alan Hamilton raced Porsches in the '60s and '70s, while helping his father import the cars into Australia.

"I witnessed Ferry Porsche test drive the 959 prototype around the track at Weissach, but he drove it relatively slowly. He had a writing pad on his knee and handed it to Professor Helmuth Bott, director of Porsche’s research and development division, and they were all things they had to incorporate in the car before it went into production."

Michael Browning is a passionate Porsche enthusiast, and wrote Porsche in Australia: the first 50 years. He's a wealth of information on the brand.

"The 911 wasn't welcomed by Porsche enthusiasts in 1965 and was regarded with quite a bit of mistrust, as it was totally different from the 356. It was considerably more expensive, so Porsche had to backtrack and introduce the 912, which really had the mechanicals of the 356, and was more affordable."

Jim Richards has been racing Porsches since 1993, and has had success in the Carrera Cup and Targa Tasmania.

"If you don't drive off the track, don't crash them or run into someone, you know the car is going to last the whole race without a hiccup."

Ron Goodman operates the Official Porsche Collision Centre and races classic Porsches around the world.

"We were out at the Macquarie Ice Rink the other night and we had a game of hockey against a hockey team, but I was in the 356. It was one of the best things we've ever done."

Rasma Ertl is from Germany, and works for Porsche Experience in Australia.

"I was always inspired by the cars, the branding, and the ads. It's a unique company with strong ideals, and we're all very proud to work for the brand."

Lars Mula is celebrating the 70th anniversary by filming Porsche Diaries: Destination Australia while driving his 1956 Porsche 356.

"We'll be covering about 6000km from Sydney to Brisbane, down to Melbourne then to Adelaide, and we'll do it in 24 days."

Enthusiasts love the opportunity to take their Porsche for a spin, especially on club days, and it's great to hear the Porsche love is still alive and kicking.

"The first time I ever saw a 911, I think that was the moment when I thought 'it has to be Porsche'," grins Will.

"I could never find anything that had the same efficient simplicity that was designed for the driver," says Barbara.

"I went to the first club meeting in 1976 with my father, and I bought my first Porsche three months later," reminisces Russell.

Want more Porsche goodness? There were so many stories, that not all of them made the final cut. Enjoy these uncut interviews below.