We'll be right back! Soon... I hope.
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UPDATE, 12:30pm AEST: And we're back!

Ahoy all. We wouldn't normally post an alert such as this, but we've had a number of emails already this morning with people concerned they may have been banned or suspended from chatting in our comments section.

Never fear! The Disqus service appears to be suffering some sort of bug at the moment, causing the comments interface to appear faded and inaccessible. Disqus has yet to comment on the issue (pardon the pun), but we trust it's being resolved as we speak.

In the mean time, enjoy our news and reviews, and why not refresh yourself with our delightful Community Guidelines? It's a thrilling, enthralling tale of love and life in the 21st cent... well, it's worth reading, anyway..

Cheers, the CarAdvice team.