Ranger and Escape owners get access to a Mustang... for a fee
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Ford Australia has launched a new '2nd Car' program for Ranger and Escape customers, giving access to a Mustang for up to two weeks.

The program won't be offered at all dealerships, and it's not available to all drivers: you need to be fully-licensed and 25 or older to drive the rear-drive Pony Car.

Those who want to be involved pay a $500 enrolment fee when they purchase their car, and another fee when they book the car. For Ranger owners, a week with the Mustang will cost $250 and two weeks $500, while Escape owners will pay $375 and $750 for the privilege.

There's a dedicated website for booking, likened to a hotel reservation website by Ford.

Although it's a limited program at the moment, Ford is hoping to expand it over time, to the point where owners of all its vehicles can book, well, all its vehicles.

Locally, there aren't many equivalents to this, but North American car fans are offered subscription programs by BMW and Porsche. Access by BMW subscribers pay $2600AU per month for access to the 4 Series, 5 Series and X5. Pay $4780AU per month and you're granted access to SUV M, M4, M5 and M6 Convertible.

Porsche offers something similar, while Volvo is allowing buyers to pay a monthly subscription fee for their XC40 as part of Care by Volvo. Expect to see it springing up with more manufacturers in future, too.

"2nd Car not only offers new Ford buyers a great car ownership experience, it also offers access to a great sharing experience,” said Christine Wagner, program manager at Ford 2nd Car. “We believe this program offers excellent value and flexibility – another reason to join the Ford family.”